Room Door

Room Door

The purpose to install a door is not just only an accessible door but is also an added feature to your room or house or architectural appearance. Of course, a room door besides provide privacy whenever needed, an appealing room door may lighten up a room or doorway or as a decorative element.

A room door can be a very distinctive element to refresh your existing room or new renovation of your house. When a door is painted with a very contrast color against the color of the wall, it will ultimately bring out the interior décor of your room or house. Besides using the paint color to obtain the special effect, there are various types, designs, styles of room doors available from Reliance Home.

In Reliance Home, our room door is one of the most important door you should consider during your renovation. Our quality room door can control the noise level and divide spaces into different areas, be it any door design, toilet door, kitchen door, office door, wardrobe door, cabinet door or shower screen, they provide you the privacy and space allocation efficiency.

There are many types of room doors you can choose from, and that depends on the amount of space you have, your budget and personal preference. The most common type will be swing door, but you can also have bifold door or sliding door.


                   Swing Door                                             Bifold Door                                         Sliding Door


Be Creative !

After choosing the type of door mechanism, in our Room Door Series, you can  design the door to your personal liking. Our Room Door series  provide you with many types of material to choose from such as: Acrylic Panel, Fibered glass, Laminated Glass, Texture Glass and Polystyrene. All the door frames in Reliance Home are produced in Aluminum Frame which is light-weight but strong, water-proofing and long lasting.

Below are the mateiral choices for our infill panel and aluminium frame  for all our indoor  and outdoor aluminium glass doors, as well as our window collections:-


Room Door  : Acrylic Panel Color Selection

acrylic sheet,acrylic,acrylic chart


 Room Door  :Laminated Glass Color Selection

laminated glass, lami glass,safety glass


Room Door  :Polystyrene Sheet

polystyrene sheet


Room Door : Aluminum Frame Color Choice

aluminium frame color chart,color chart,frame color

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